About Us

Welcome to the San Fernando Valley Quilt Association. We are a non-profit organization of 300 members interested in quilts and quilt making. Our purpose is to promote the education and appreciation of quilt making.


  • BLOCK PARTY: The Block Party chairperson selects a block that is submitted to the membership with directions for assembly. Members may make one or more blocks, following the directions, and participate in a drawing to win a set of blocks.
  • CHALLENGE QUILT: The Challenge Quilt Chairperson (s) selects a fabric and/or a block pattern and distributes it to the membership. The challenge is to use the fabric and/or pattern in a quilt of their choice. Challenge quilts are reviewed by the membership, winners are chosen, and all quilts are eligible to be entered in the annual quilt show.
  • DOROTHEA LONDON AWARD: The Dorothea London Award is presented to a member of the Association who has demonstrated exemplary work and efforts, behind the scenes, to further the purpose of the Association.
  • GUEST SPEAKERS: The Second Vice President serves as our Program Coordinator. This position hires a recognized speaker to present a program at the monthly Association meeting on a quilt-related topic. Often times the speaker is a famous or award winning quilter or author.
  • HOSPITALITY: The Hospitality Committee assists with serving refreshments, provided by members, at our monthly meeting. This committee also arranges for food, beverages and clean up at other Association functions throughout the year.
  • LIBRARY: The Association maintains a library of approximately 600 books pertaining to quilts and quilt making. Members may borrow books for one month at no charge.
  • MINI GROUPS: Mini groups are smaller groups of members that meet apart from the regular monthly Association meeting and are formed for the purpose of education and friendship.
  • MONTHLY NEWSLETTER: The newsletter is published on a monthly basis and is mailed to the members. It includes all news of the Association and any other pertinent information.
  • OPPORTUNITY QUILT: The opportunity quilt is a quilt made by the cooperative effort of all of our members. The ticket sales for the quilt are an annual fund raising activity. Each member is encouraged to sell ten tickets.
  • SEWING ROOM TOURS: Chairpersons organize a tour of members’ sewing rooms or spaces. This activity is open only to members and spouses.
  • SHOW AND TELL: One of our favorite monthly activities! Members bring quilts to show on stage and are encouraged to tell a little bit about them. Members are asked to fill out a form with information about the quilt, our photographer takes a picture, and the information provided may be used in the newsletter or in the Quilt Show.  The photos are also displayed on our web site.
  • SILENT AUCTION: Members donate items to the Association that are sewing, quilting or needlework related. The Auction committee displays the items at a regular meeting and members place a written (silent) bid on the items they wish to purchase. The funds raised benefit the Association.
  • SMALL QUILT AUCTION: This activity is a popular part of our annual quilt show and may be a lucrative venture for members. Members are encouraged to make a small quilt for the auction and may keep a portion of the proceeds.
  • QUILT COLLEGE: Quilt College is an annual one day event where members with expertise in quilting and sewing related skills hold free, hands on, classes for all other members. It usually is held the 3rd Monday in February, President’s Day.
  • QUILT SHOW: The quilt show, “Quilting in the Valley,” is our largest fund raising event. It is held every two years, on the odd year.  It is the cooperative effort of all of the members of the San Fernando Valley Quilt Association and the Valley Quiltmakers Guild. Membership in the Association includes the responsibility of working at the quilt show.
  • QUILTERS FOR OTHERS: Quilters for Others is a cooperative, philanthropic effort of all our members to make quilts for distribution to those in need. Meetings are held twice a month.
  • WORKSHOPS: Workshops are offered by the guest speaker and are a hands-on class in quilt making techniques. Workshops are priced reasonably and held locally.

We hope you enjoy attending our Association meeting. If you have any questions please ask any one of us. If you are interested in becoming a member, please see our membership chairperson. She is seated at the desk in the lobby where you enter the building.

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