January Program

January 13th, 2020 Program

Mike (Mac) McNamara

Mac grew up in New England and made his first quilt in 1976.  He likes to discuss the people, ideas, and things that have influenced his quilt designs.   He places personal messages into each quilt using symbols, visual puns, and metaphors.  His quilts can be seen from Hawaii to Cape Breton Island, including one that lives in the Museum of Fine Arts collection in Boston.

An English major, his degree gave him a love of the metaphor, symbolic irony, the zeugma, and other writing tools that he translates into his quilt imagery.  His  second degree is in Art History giving him an appreciation for iconic imagery, signs and signets that represent an emotion, a person, or a place, a person, or an emotion.  For example, an anvil can be read as hard-hearted; a set of teeth can signify St. Appolonia; or an oak tree can mean Connecticut.

Mac likes to make quilts using free-form curved piecing, a mix of color values, and produce a finished look that seems to say, “Hey, some kids made this!”